• Christopher Salgado

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    An accomplished and trusted security and investigations leader with more than 18 years of cyber and physical investigations, security as well as innovative process implementation and refinement for diverse organizations. Director-level management of persons and global operations in corporate risk, brand protection, supply chain, criminal, civil, surveillance and SIU investigations. A transformational leader with democratic engagement who promotes loyalty to the client, team, company and cause. Skilled at managing large teams of investigators, intelligence analysts and support staff cross-culturally and across time zones. Expert in investigations, court testimony and counterfeit detection. Global consultant who has delivered presentations to Europol, Interpol and the EU Commission. Recovered more than $10mil in stolen assets. Effectively conducted and managed tens of thousands of investigations, including:

    • - Cyber: Phishing, bad actor tracking, dark web, computer forensics, identity theft, fraudBrand
    • - Protection: Raids, covert purchases (cyber & physical), market sweeps, website takedowns, gray market
    • - Corporate: Missing persons, threats, harassment,
      misconduct, theft, supply chain, shrinkage
    • - Criminal: Deaths, kidnapping, burglaries, arson, fraud, counterfeit
    • - Civil: Vehicle accidents, general liability, mold, residency verifications
    • - Surveillance: Worker's compensation, high risk terminations, counterfeit, fraud, infidelity
    • - SIU: Witness locates, asset locates, interviews, contestable
      death cases, scene investigations

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