AGGOSO™ (AGGressive OSint Operations) Training

During your AGGOSO™ training, you will experience an aggressively enhanced education on how to conduct an escalated level of cyber investigations, differing from traditional online investigations. The purpose of AGGOSO™ training is to enable you with the capabilities to escalate your level of proficiency in cyber investigations. This training will cover content from both the surface/clear web as well as the deep web. This in-demand training is the culmination of many years of learning and deploying deep cyber investigations for global companies seated on Fortune’s lists, including Fortune 50. Incorporating these tactics and resources can quickly springboard the online investigator into a well-oiled machine of diligence and efficiency. Learn to master OSINT and non-OSINT investigations, including social media, online forums, dump sites, historical information, geolocation with and without metadata, image searching with facial recognition software, hidden websites, hidden website content, decoding HTML code, subject name variation searching, Google Dorking and boolean strings, Google alerts and other automation resources, data scraping tools, browser plugins, effective free tools and paid-for tools and many more. You’ll also learn about ensuring your online attribution and ethical dilemmas with online investigations as well as the importance of maintaining relevance with your investigative program.