Threat Management Detection and Response: How to Assess Your Threat Level and Reduce It

Learn how to extract and assess your online footprint to minimize your online safety. Dismantle pathways that lead online stalkers, cyberbullies or hackers, to your front door in the real world by taking down your personal information from numerous websites. Although this program is intended for anyone (personal or professional), many targets of online exploitation, such as doxing and swatting, are C-Suite persons, politicians, industry and organizational leaders, celebrities, known authors and many more. Modern times have confirmed that these pointed tactics are rising exponentially, whether it is a trigger to a subsequent cyber attack against a company or organization or a preface to an inbound personal attack against someone for various reasons. Learn how to identify and retract your personal information from exposure as much as possible and minimize the probability of a potentially costly attack on your finances, brand or safety.